We wrote Northern Hospitality as an extension of us, our bar the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, and what we love–rad drinks, Scandinavian food that makes us think of growing up Finnish (ok, that’s just Briana) and throwing killer parties. Inside you’ll find recipes for modern classic cocktails like the Green Eyes, things you can cook inside or out, and stories of how we created a bar in Portland, Maine, that is beloved by people all over the world. 

You can buy it Northern Hospitality on Amazon now.

“Equal parts recipe book and life philosophy, Northern Hospitality is a stunning adventure into the previously untold story of eating and drinking well in New England. This book is stylish, insightful, and unique — the perfect choice for anyone passionate about entertaining, drinks, and food.”

—Alex Day, owner of Death & Company, author of Death & Company and Cocktail Codex


“Hunt + Alpine has made Portland, ME a culinary destination, not just in drinks but also in food. From martinis to oysters to wonderful service, this beautiful book shows off just how wonderful the north (and northerners) can be!”

—Ivy Mix, Co-Founder of Speed Rack and Owner of Leyenda (Brooklyn, NY)


“I must confess I’ve never been to Maine. But when I finally make it, Andrew and Briana’s Hunt + Alpine Club will be the first bar I visit. Thanks to their gorgeous new guide to good times, I have a long wish list of what to order when I arrive.”  

—Jim Meehan, author of The PDT Cocktail Book and Meehan’s Bartender Manual


“Let Dixie have its Juleps and fancy hats. I'll bask in the warmth of the Volks' bonfires, bivalves, and Hot Buttered Rum. Northern Hospitality perfectly captures the new cozy in its most unaffected—and most welcoming—form.”

—Scott DeSimon, food and drink writer/editor